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Concept: Promote Business Operation Through Technology Progress and Promote Development Through Product R&D

The company always sticks to product innovation and technology innovation and has built professional R&D facilities. In the field of basic materials, the company has one national level Enterprise Technology Center, one national level Technology Center of the Industry, one provincial level Engineering Technology Research Center, and three provincial level Enterprise Technology Centers, based on which the company constantly enhances the technical team and has developed many unique technical patents.

The company is committed to the R&D of high strength, highly conductive, and high elasticity cooper alloy and special steel materials, and aims to reach international advanced level, enter more fields like military, aviation, aerospace, and rail transit, and play and important role for promoting the technological progress of the industry.

  • Research Achievements
    The research achievements include brass strips for cannonball, high precision connector, high hardness musical instrument, high precision LED support, brass wire for high precision electric connector, environment-friendly precision copper-base flat wire, high precision abnormal shape copper alloy flat wire, high precision mirror surface strip steel, etc.
    Research Achievements
  • Industry-University Cooperation
    To build and strengthen the industry-university cooperation, integrate various innovative resources in the society, improve the independent innovation capability and solve the key difficulties in the industry’s common technologies, the company has established cooperation relationship with Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Anhui Engineering University, Anhui University of Technology, China Nonferrous Metals Processing Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Institute for Nonferrous Metals Research Co., Ltd., and General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals, which promotes the technological upgrade and structural adjustment of the industry, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the company.
    Industry-University Cooperation
  • Research Direction
    1、 The research and development of high-end copper alloy materials and steel alloy material products, including high strength highly conductive copper-base alloy (CuCrZr), lead frame materials, high elasticity extra-thin special steel strip series, etc. 2、Comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, including the newly built varnished wire pyrolysis copper recovery and utilization project. 3、 Energy conservation, consumption reduction, and production technology optimization, including the new short process production technology; use energy conservation equipment to improve the level of automatic controlled equipment; reduce consumption of production medium and make circular usage of resources; reduce the energy consumption of public auxiliary facilities; improve the rate of finished products and reduce metal loss.
    Research Direction
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